Types of events
  • 17 May 2024
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Types of events

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Article Summary

The following are the types of events that are currently supported by our triggers tool:

AutoBot events

  • Entry added
    Triggered when a URL entry is added to an AutoBot

Dataset events

  • Row/rows added
    Triggered whenever a row or a set of rows are added to a dataset
  • Row/rows modified
    Triggered when a row in a dataset is modified

Dictionary events

  • Entry/entries added
    Triggered whenever an entry or a set of entries are added to a dictionary
  • Entry/entries modified
    Triggered when an entry in a dataset is dictionary

Run configuration events

  • Execution complete
    Triggered when an execution is complete, whether it succeeds or fails

The complete listing of event types will always be located here. Event types are constantly being added.

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