Proxy servers and anonymity
  • 01 Jun 2022
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Proxy servers and anonymity

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Proxy servers allow your robot executions to peruse websites under the radar.

Proxy tag hierarchy

The proxy tag hierarchy will pick Dexi proxies if no proxy tags are specified at the account level. If tag(s) are specified, then proxies from these tags will be used instead.

Order Proxy level
First Proxy tag is specified on a run/configuration level.
Second Proxy tag is specified on the robot level.
Third Proxy tag is specified on account level.
Fourth Use a Dexi system proxy if no proxy tags are available on the levels listed above.

My robot is getting blocked

First, make sure you're not violating any of the site's Terms of Service by extracting data from them.

If you're getting blocked, you'll need your own private proxies since the free ones provided by the Dexi platform are shared between all our users.

How can I get more proxies?

We have very good experience with and, and usually recommend them for adding additional proxies.

How can I add my own proxies?

Go to Settings > Proxies and you'll find your Proxy groups. You need to create a proxy group before you can add your own proxies.

  1. Click the create proxy group button
    Create proxy group

  2. Fill out the required fields:
    Add proxy group dialog

    1. Name: name of the proxy group
    2. Type: proxy group type (Datacenter, Residential, Mobile or Other)
    3. Tags: you can create your custom tags
    4. Public: determine whether your poxy group should be visible to other users.
    5. Provider: select proxy provider
  3. Click save

  4. Select the proxy group you want to import proxies, by clicking the proxy group name.

  5. Go to Proxies tab.

  6. You can either import one IP at a time be clicking add proxy button, or

  7. You can import proxies in bulk, by clicking import proxies.

How can I use my own proxies?

If you want to use your own proxies, in different parts of the Dexi platform, eg: extractor settings or configuration settings, you will need to click on the relevant proxy field. You will then get a dialog box, as depicted below.
Select proxies

Defining which proxies to use

You can either select to use proxies by proxy group or tags. You can do this via the proxy mode dropdown field.

The Dexi platform monitors configured proxies and automatically disables those that no longer respond. We also measure proxy performance by downloading a 1 MB file through the proxy once a week.

Incidentally, this means the maximum measurable speed is 1024 Kb/sec (or ~10 Mb/s). This is the minimum speed of all proxies, but they usually perform closer to 100 Mb/s, depending on traffic levels.

What proxy packages does offer?

All Dexi accounts have free and unmetered access to ~160 proxies.

If you require a high degree of anonymity, we strongly encourage you to purchase additional proxies that are built for anonymity.

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