Using the Dexi API
  • 01 Jun 2022
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Using the Dexi API

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Access the Dexi API

To configure API access for your account, you need to create an API key in your account settings. Once you have created an API key, sign in to the app and continue to the API documentation pages.


Software development toolkits

We have the following software development toolkits (SDKs) available:

If you are interested in building an SDK not offered here, please contact us. We would love to discuss your project.

Work with Files

When you build a robot in Dexi that extracts files, the files are stored on Dexi's platform and the results of executing the robot just contain pointers to the actual files, the file IDs. A file ID looks something like this:


To get a file from a file ID, complete the following steps:

  1. Get the results of the execution:
    • manually via the UI by selecting the Download button on the execution
    • via the getResult API method
  2. The file IDs are available in the fields/columns containing files. In the example above, this is in the ImageFile field.
  3. Remove the part of the file ID string before accounts/.... In the example above, the string then becomes accounts/7353b678-80b0-48c0-8ecf-232feb7449aa/robots/b1e3b831-090b-4035-b3a9-bd064967327c/runs/fd0dba7d-c4a7-496c-8545-621c1aa32298/executions/fbaabff9-38f2-46b7-a876-fdba0568a307/results/9ad080ab-67fc-4406-a315-af918b7065ff/lines/e27346cd-4188-4081-861e-c0b2dea74b4a/ImageFile
  4. URL encodes this string as it may contain file paths. In the example above, the string remains unchanged.
  5. Pass the string as input to the getResultFile API method to download the actual file.

Rate Limit/Throttling

The API rate limits for HTTP methods are currently as follows:

  • GET: approximately 75 requests per second
  • POST/PUT/DELETE: approximately 15 requests per second
  • getResultFile/getFile: approximately 15 requests per second

If you have multiple accounts, rate limiting is done per account.

These limits are subject to change if they cause significant interruption to the system or if we scale up or down the parts of the system that handle API requests. However, we will notify users in advance of bigger changes to the numbers.

Performing a higher number of requests than these will cause HTTP 429 Too Many Requests responses.

A very high number of concurrent requests is considered a denial-of-service (DoS) attack, so please keep the number of requests below the limits specified above.

API limits

Various API endpoints are limited to max 200 result rows per call, e.g.:

  • POST /datasets/{dataSetId}/rows
  • GET /runs

To get more result rows, please use paginatation as described on Paginating API Results.

Additional Information

Several videos discussing the API are available here:

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