Release Notes
  • 28 Feb 2024
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Release Notes

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2024 Release Notes

  • Chromium: Regularly updated robots with the latest Chrome version upon each new release.

  • Public APIs: Added a new public API to get the number of inputs added in a single configuration. Details about using the Dexi APIs can be found here. A list of all available API calls can be found after logging in to Dexi under Help & Support > API Documentation.

  • New Export Formats: Gzip for JSON (json.gz) CSV - compressed version of json files that allows for a faster export will be briefly available as a new format and via API. Details about Connecting File-based Storage Apps can be found here.

  • Revamped side menu: A fresh user interface design for the left-hand menu, improved responsiveness for quicker navigation, enhanced icon, and a stylish new appearance.

  • OpenAl: Published OpenAl app for all users to configure and use in projects. Extract information using the OpenAI action step can be found here.

  • Extractor Executions Screen Redesign: for faster navigation and new added features.
    System Reliability: Introduced system enhancement to optimize performance and response time.

2023 Release Notes

Redesign the executions screen “Jobs UI”

  • Allows faster user navigation
  • Added new features such as multi-select and action buttons
  • Allow users to view more statistics

Worker Capacity Insights

  • UI enhancements through messages and icons to help understand when the account worker limit has been reached
  • More detailed view on usage tab dashboard for:
    • Type of Current Worker Usage providing limits on the account
    • Usage per type of robot
    • Graph of workers throughout the day
  • What has changed: Navigate to Settings > Usage on the left menu and you can view real time insight about how many workers are used from which type of robot

New Export format

  • Gzip for CSV - compressed version of CSV file that allows for a faster export

Datatype feature enhancements

  • It is now easier to create data types for large projects using various shortcuts and keyboard actions, such as:
    • CTRL + S = Save changes
    • Tab = Go to the next field name
    • Enter = Create new field

New API to get trigger information

  • New API returns trigger information of robot executions
  • Previously created API endpoints provide the ability to:
    • Update/activate/deactivate a configuration schedule
    • Read/update a configuration trigger

Triggers Activate/Deactivate

  • Feature improvement in triggers for the ability to activate/deactivate triggers in a robot configuration

Disable alive checking for proxies

  • Added forceAlive option when creating proxy groups and the ability to bulk-test proxies

Optimizing Response Time

  • New system mechanisms that optimize memory performance, which improves the responsiveness and smoothness of the experience

Optimizing Background Operations

  • Improvements have been made to relieve pressure on the core services to address bottlenecks and inefficiencies in the system

New Data Types field formats (Date and URL)

  • Added support for new data type options when choosing a field format, dates in user’s timezone, and rendering links when the data is extracted

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