Release Notes
  • 10 Jul 2024
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Release Notes

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2024 Release Notes

  • Extractor's Version Comments: You can now keep a clear record of changes behind each robot version, by adding, editing, or removing custom notes.

  • Separate Retry for Failed and Stopped Jobs: Allowing users to retry failed and stopped jobs independently. Currently, both types of jobs can only be retried together. This enhancement provides users with greater flexibility in managing their tasks.

  • Chromium Updates: Robots were regularly updated with the latest Chrome versions. Recently, we updated Chrome to version v.125, and now to the latest v.126, ensuring optimal performance and security.

  • Dashboard: Enhanced dashboard, designed to enhance your experience and provide more detailed insights into your recent executions. The new dashboard design features three sections (running, recently completed, and scheduled executions), status chips for effortless task filtering, and updated timestamps for start and finish times. Detailed changes with examples of the new design can be found here.

  • New Captcha Solver Integration: Integration of a new Captcha solver provider, "Capsolver." This new addition offers similar functionality to our existing providers but at a more cost-effective rate, enhancing both efficiency and affordability.

  • Enhanced System Reliability: Improvements to enhance the reliability of our system by horizontally scaling certain features. These updates help manage core services more efficiently, addressing potential bottlenecks and ensuring smoother operations.

  • Chromium: Regularly updated robots with the latest Chrome version upon each new release.

  • Public APIs: Added a new public API to get the number of inputs added in a single configuration. Details about using the Dexi APIs can be found here. A list of all available API calls can be found after logging in to Dexi under Help & Support > API Documentation.

  • New Export Formats: Gzip for JSON (json.gz) CSV - compressed version of json files that allows for a faster export will be briefly available as a new format and via API. Details about Connecting File-based Storage Apps can be found here.

  • Revamped side menu: A fresh user interface design for the left-hand menu, improved responsiveness for quicker navigation, enhanced icon, and a stylish new appearance.

  • OpenAl: Published OpenAl app for all users to configure and use in projects. Extract information using the OpenAI action step can be found here.

  • Extractor Executions Screen Redesign: for faster navigation and new added features.
    System Reliability: Introduced system enhancement to optimize performance and response time.

2023 Release Notes

Redesign the executions screen “Jobs UI”

  • Allows faster user navigation
  • Added new features such as multi-select and action buttons
  • Allow users to view more statistics

Worker Capacity Insights

  • UI enhancements through messages and icons to help understand when the account worker limit has been reached
  • More detailed view on usage tab dashboard for:
    • Type of Current Worker Usage providing limits on the account
    • Usage per type of robot
    • Graph of workers throughout the day
  • What has changed: Navigate to Settings > Usage on the left menu and you can view real time insight about how many workers are used from which type of robot

New Export format

  • Gzip for CSV - compressed version of CSV file that allows for a faster export

Datatype feature enhancements

  • It is now easier to create data types for large projects using various shortcuts and keyboard actions, such as:
    • CTRL + S = Save changes
    • Tab = Go to the next field name
    • Enter = Create new field

New API to get trigger information

  • New API returns trigger information of robot executions
  • Previously created API endpoints provide the ability to:
    • Update/activate/deactivate a configuration schedule
    • Read/update a configuration trigger

Triggers Activate/Deactivate

  • Feature improvement in triggers for the ability to activate/deactivate triggers in a robot configuration

Disable alive checking for proxies

  • Added forceAlive option when creating proxy groups and the ability to bulk-test proxies

Optimizing Response Time

  • New system mechanisms that optimize memory performance, which improves the responsiveness and smoothness of the experience

Optimizing Background Operations

  • Improvements have been made to relieve pressure on the core services to address bottlenecks and inefficiencies in the system

New Data Types field formats (Date and URL)

  • Added support for new data type options when choosing a field format, dates in user’s timezone, and rendering links when the data is extracted

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